Mystery Build 2014 Theme: Build a Dream

One of the best things I did this year is join in the fun of the Mystery Build Project. It is a creative art contest that asks your imagination to come out and play. This year the theme is "Build a Dream". This is the fourth year of the project and my first time participating. I am hooked and want to do it every year as long I can!

I wish I could show you what I've created, but I would not want to giveaway the mystery contents. I urge you to get your own kit and give it your best! Seriously. Why not? You can work alone or as a team. So, this might be a fun family game and family tradition to start. Did I mention? There are prizes!!! Entries are not due until October 20th, 2014. At that time I will reveal my full work, for now I share only this close-up image. Let me know if you buy a kit and begin your own adventure!!!

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This cake disappears in a day! 
If not at breakfast, then by dessert!
See recipe...

Anderson Japanese Gardens

For about a week I have had it in my mind to visit Chicago. Then the night before I change it to Rockford. Although you won't really find images of Chicago on my blog, I have visited it so many times (before I began blogging). I wish to experience something new... and I discover Anderson Japanese Gardens

Take a walk with me...

Joy for Frostie Freeze in July

Janesville is the best in July, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! This chocolate vanilla twist cone with twinkles causes me to reminisce about an ice cream cone in Ireland, and to smile again about the ice cream cones as big as me in Krakow. Oh my gosh alllll the gelato I ate in Italy!!! It also makes me think of all the goodies and fun had from a 4th of July years ago. Maybe July is good a lot of places, I'll have to find out. :)

An Old Favorite: Fried Green Tomatoes

Homegrown green tomatoes handpicked to fry up and dig in. Here we go...

Marilyn Monroe Drawing

Natiea, a collector of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, requests I create an 8 x 10 pencil portrait of the special lady. See the process and the final scan...

Inspirational Runner Painting for Forrest

Forrest, upon discovering I am an artist, wished to support my art by commissioning a painting. At first, he said to paint anything. That's freeing, but I wanted it to have some meaning for him. So, he seriously thought it over and came up with a very specific purpose for his painting. When he explained his idea, I replied that it was everything but a portrait which is what I have been focusing on. However, it was a good idea and I liked the challenge. So, I began the sketches and here we are three months later. See the process and the finished piece that actually has a Steve Prefontaine quote on the bottom of this 8 x 10 Gouache painting of a runner going around the bend...

Düsseldorf Street Art

Thanks to guest photographer, Matthias Haag, street art from Düsseldorf is shared here.