Wasserturm and Friedrichsplatz

Looking out from under the shade of the pergola 
towards the water fountain and water tower of Mannheim...

Streetview of The Old Bridge and Castle Heidelberg

The entrance to the bridge is a street of restaurants and shops. 
See the castle from down here on the bridge...

Schloss Heidelberg Summer

The castle has many faces and many places to get lost for a day, join me...

The Old Bridge of Heidelberg from Above

This crowd at the castle takes in amazing views of the Neckar River and the city of Heidelberg. 
See for yourself...

Dreamy Spaghetti Eis

On the street, I heard a family talking. In what language they spoke, I do not know.
However, one word stood out in the conversation: Ice Cream.

Waldpark Walk Along the Rhein

It is a beautiful day for a stroll, and today I have the luck of staying in a hostel next to this forest park. I stayed at the DJH Jugendherberge Mannheim the winter before this Summer too, but missed out on this river walk. The Rheinterrassen Gasthaus am Fluss is also nearby. If you are in Mannheim, visit these two locations. If you stay at the hostel, be sure to grab the free breakfast! More of the walk...

Mystery Build 2014 Theme: Build a Dream

One of the best things I did this year is join in the fun of the Mystery Build Project. It is a creative art contest that asks your imagination to come out and play. This year the theme is "Build a Dream". This is the fourth year of the project and my first time participating. I am hooked and want to do it every year as long I can!

I wish I could show you what I've created, but I would not want to giveaway the mystery contents. I urge you to get your own kit and give it your best! Seriously. Why not? You can work alone or as a team. So, this might be a fun family game and family tradition to start. Did I mention? There are prizes!!! Entries are not due until October 20th, 2014. At that time I will reveal my full work, for now I share only this close-up image. Let me know if you buy a kit and begin your own adventure!!!