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American Painter: Andrew Wyeth

"I don't really have studios. I wander around - around people's attics, out in fields, in cellars, anyplace I find that invites me."

Those are promising words to hear for a traveling artist. In my youth, I admired the tempera painting technique of Andrew Wyeth. Naively I mixed egg and dirt and attempted to paint with it. Of course, I made only a fine mess. 

Years later, to stand before an actual painting of the artist, there is a lesson! This portrait titled "Sea Dog" from 1971 is absolutely radiant. By my calculation the artist had been painting for well over thirty years, nearly forty, when his brush brought this man to life on board. Wyeth is quoted as saying: One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. 

I agree.

This painting was photographed at the North Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh.

Figurative Sculptor: Juan Muñoz

Wandering Washington D.C. one afternoon, "Last Conversation Piece" held my attention for some time. What is this group of whispering punching bags, I wondered. Along with the security cameras lining the museum wall, this gathering of bronze figures left a foreboding feeling.

I stood alone with them in this empty yard wanting to be a part of their intimate secret. It seemed I was one of the outsider figures moving in to hear, but also unable to come closer. In truth all of us: mute, moving, and going nowhere.

I was sad to later learn that the artist passed suddenly at only forty eight, but thankful to read that before this last moment came to him, he was recognized for his brilliant work. His sculptures can be found around the world, and I hope to stumble on more.

Figurative Sculptor: Ledelle Moe

Approaching what looks like a spray of stones from a distance, one finds small somnolent faces seemingly floating in space.

Artist Ledelle Moe created "Congregation" from the combination of concrete and local sand. In this way, each head takes on the color of the region and country it comes from. To first see them, one may feel an ancient quality in the air, something recovered from a lost period, but in truth the viewer will delight in discovering present day daily practice was behind this creation.

Alone one head may be a curious object, but together the eye bounces between them and feels a part of something larger.

A Collaboration: Creating Custom Portraits

Together with Chandler this commissioned portrait is created as a birthday gift for her boyfriend.

When working on custom portraits the client knows the subtleties of the faces I paint. So, I do the best I can to capture the likeness from supplied photos while relying on their keen eyes to catch what I might not see.

Chandler perceives a correction needed to the lip of her boyfriend. In fifteen minutes that tiny adjustment is made and we are good to go!

Please, follow the painting process from the start and see the small change that makes a big difference. Also see if you can spot the three changes made on another portrait.