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Print Artist: Jack Pachuta

Strolling an art fair I came upon the prints of Jack Pachuta from Cedarburg, WI. My art teacher friend was inquiring about his printing process. She was very taken by an image of two cranes. Meanwhile I was thumbing through prints off to the side. I found a fun portrait piece! Truly it is my favorite item from the whole art fair.

He told me the print is something he originally created for his personal Christmas cards. I grew to love the art even more. He mentioned that he has made portraits for other seasons as well. Still, I think this one is most special because his lucky friends received it at the end of one year and the anticipation of a new one.

Making cards for the holidays is something I have always wanted to do. However, year after year, it slips my mind when it's down to the time. Will this year be different? I hope. Thanks to Mr. Pachuta for the reminder and the inspiration! This example is a cropped version, see the full version and more artwork at Art Badger.

Grace Portraits: The Personal Touch

Lately, I notice a lot of online portrait artist sites popping up. These range from individuals with a particular style to a collection of artists offering a variety of mediums. Sometimes I recognize fellow artists from Etsy out there. I realize it is good to participate and be seen in multiple places. Not everyone is keen on weeding through the offerings of a craft site. People on Upwork, for example, describe what they are looking for and then wait for artists to send competing proposals. This can be time consuming and overwhelming for both sides, constantly choosing and waiting to be chosen.

Then there is Grace Portraits supporting an American artist network that strives to create a similar desired outcome in graphite. This site with its simplicity, clarity, and small family business warmth grabs my attention the most. So much so that I applied to be part of the team. What luck that they would have me! Now I can tell you even more beyond my first impression.

Ashland's Murals

The city of Ashland is along the Northern shore of Wisconsin hugging Chequamegon Bay which extends into Lake Superior where the popular tourist destination of Apostle Islands can be found. Also just around the corner is Duluth, Minnesota. This is a good little airport to drop down in.

These murals speak of the history of Ashland through the eyes of mural artists Kelly Meredith and Susan Prentice Martinsen. A walk around the area to see its beginnings captured in colorful paintings is well worth the road trip.