The Artist Zack Jack

This series of pencil portraits come from a collaboration with the German musician known as Zack Jack. One portrait is intended for an album cover to be released the end of Summer 2016.

With some variations of fonts and logo placement we came up with a satisfying design. Here I focus on the portrait art and process involved. A minimal rough draft look was desired.

These four drawings are all done as 11" x 14" with varying degrees of a rough draft quality. This is a size that allows for more detail. It is essentially life-size for a single portrait. 

Todd Mrozinski Light Painter

Of all the artists I have come across in my life, Todd is undoubtedly the one that stands out. We both spent some years at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design back in the day, back at the start. The wonder and light in his eyes is unforgettable and he infuses his art with this internal glow. 

I remember the energy in his first paintings and I have noticed that it continues miraculously to grow. Years ago I stood before his fire paintings and felt the embers and sparks as though I had stepped into a cool calm dark night where I was also simultaneously warmed to the core. 

Paint, this powerful? YES.

Spools of Thread Head

An upside down portrait seen upright through a glass sphere. This is one in a collection of Thread Spool Works by Devorah Sperber. I came face to face with this Mona Lisa at the North Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh. The artist has created figures from Renoir, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Eyck, Van Gogh, Picasso, Grant Wood, and more.

One of these optical illusion installations took 20k spools of thread. How many times have I sewn up a hole and not once considered the potential for portraiture. Excellent! See more...

Human Head Sculpture In Krakow, Poland

In Krakow I pause many times in front of the Eros Bendato sculpture by Igor Mitoraj. His larger than life heads are found in several countries. I would be so lucky to come across another.

In fact, I have been so close to others without knowing and walked on by. Sigh. I learned he passed away only a couple years after I photographed this piece. Unforgettable Art.

For scale, see a family as they enter the head...

The Sketchbook Project

This is a project I have taken on twice with totally different results.

The best part about it for me is how the aspect of traveling and moving assures that I can not anticipate the people I will draw because I simply have not met them yet.

What fun it is to look at the beginning and notice how different it is from the end. I go from drawing people in magazines because they are readily available and diverse to drawing people that become very special to me...

The Face of Street Art

One of the reasons why I love street art is the surprise of turning a corner and running into a stunning figurative art. Here is a face I must stop and take in before I continue on to wherever I was going and whatever I was doing. 

Suddenly a beautiful story is before me. I imagine the artist(s) balanced up high often at night painting this mark on the city and the people of the city. I smile about how people may come as I did to see the wall which was once an ordinary wall.

Here are some favorites from my travels...

Mystery Build Kit

Mystery Build is a contest that came to be in 2011. It is a great pleasure to be a participant! I truly wish to make it an annual project. 

Only, I am not sure what is happening in 2016. I click to reserve a kit and do not hear a peep. Perhaps next year, I hope there is a comeback!

Many of the winners and top placing entries create figurative works. Here are some images of the process from my contribution the year I was able to play along in the art competition...

Portrait Classes with Craftsy

Although I have been drawing faces since before I could speak, and have five years of training with master artists, and paint portraits for people all over the world, all the same, continuing education is something I seriously seek. Certainly there are my creative group of friends to gather advice. Also free information and amazing videos can always be found all over the web. Still, I go to Craftsy for the rich experience I can rely on.  

With watercolors I choose lightly textured thinner paper and mostly dry techniques...

The Memory Project

Art teachers and their students or any artist passionate about creating portraits, here is a special program to give consideration. 

The Memory Project Organization is a beautiful concept with a thoughtful founder and director, Ben Schumaker. Please visit the website today. 

I hope to participate over and over! 

Here is my first contribution to children in Bolivia and Afghanistan. A truly meaningful art experience!