Images in circles seem to be trending and I admit to liking the extra open space that lets the image breathe. Better yet are the circles that become partial with white on white creating a unique shape. Still, the square images grab our attention with their fullness and all that color butted up against each other interacting.

So, I don't know if it's a question of "Circles or Squares" or if it is more a question of... "Colorful Calm or Contained Energy". I know the feeling of both well. Let's let them both BE. All eight 12" x 12" prints are available on archival heavyweight paper in the Zazzle Shop. Size and Paper is adjustable on the site offering a variety of price options. I like options!

Some years ago I photographed this collection of paintings, drawings, and sketches created by my father from his early years to his middle years. It was always my intention to make a portfolio for him to hold in his hands and see everything at once. Most of the work is in stacks and tucked away in the basement basically forgotten. This book brings them to light again. Please take a look at his decades of detailed work which I have posted on this blog in bigger images and now show a portion of it in this Shutterfly book...

This fun book made for my mom is a collection of my very favorite dessert recipes ever and they come from my blog! The photos I have taken over these last several years sure look YUMMY together. If you think so too, you might want to check out my recipe posts a second time. For now, take a look at the book that was possible thanks to an easy layout system on Shutterfly...

Custom Digital Portraits of Sisters

Although creating digital portraits can take me up to eight times longer than making a pencil or watercolor piece, it is an alterable image that offers endless possibilities. For instance, I could place these sisters in scene after scene! Instead I choose simple solid colors so they go together nicely. 

Here you see one girl enjoying her ice cream and snowflakes falling on her sister. Now, those snow flakes are made click my click, that's a lot of clicks!!! Probably I could use some repeating pattern, but old ways of a Fine Artist are hard to let go. No matter if I'm painting on my computer or on a piece of paper, for me the joy is in the handwork. 

If you have a minute, take a look at a bit of the digital process...

16 Movies... you might like

Time again to mention movies from my favorites list. When I see a film or remember one I like, it gets added to my Pinterest Film Board.

In no particular order...

Interstellar. I had been waiting for this one for some time and it did not let down. I greatly appreciate what the Nolan brothers have contributed to film.

The Intouchables.
Inspired by a true story and a friendship that is beautiful to watch unfold and grow.

Life in a Day. 
What was it like to be alive on July 24th, 2010? A documentary compiled from submissions. It can be viewed free on Youtube.

Her. A sweet Science Fiction film with surprising laughter and even more surprising feeling.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. 
These are my favorites coming from Wes Anderson. Lovely to see Roald Dahl's children story become something alive and inspiring.

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Puff Pastries

This is something I have made time and again with requests for the recipe. However, in Germany the ingredients available make this pastry more delicious than ever!!! My eyes pop and my mouth waters. In both countries I use frozen puff pastry. In the U.S. the only one I am able to find is Pepperidge Farm and they tend to be thinner and flatter in the end. However, the Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Cups may be a good substitute to get them as thick and fluffy as pictured above. In Germany I use a frozen version as well and puff pastry is known as Bl├Ątterteig. I believe I just use the Rewe grocery store brand every time. I do not like refrigerated options, frozen proves best I learned. The recipe...