Flower Girl Watercolor

Above a whimsical portrait of a pouting girl with four fantastic flowers in her hair, 
and below is the process and a detail...

Step by Step Oil Pastel: Painting a Cat

My boyfriend thought to give me a box of oil pastels from his art student days. These ten year old sticks hardly look touched. I gave my box away long long ago. I remember having better results with crayons and finger paints. Basically I loathed the oil pastel. So, I was missing the jumping excitement that a gift of art supplies would normally produce in me. The box sat for another two months untouched. 

Then with persistence from Matthias and my adventurous side singing inside, together we began our projects. I knew I did not want to deal with stinky chemicals or messy liquids; thinners or oils. So, we came up with the idea to use blender sticks; another item that I have little to no experience. It seemed our results would be terrible, but we were up for the fun of it!!!

I chose a photo I snapped some years ago of a stray cat. He chose a roaring gorilla. I smiled thinking of Koko the signing gorilla that asked for a pet cat and got one for Christmas. Well, surprisingly the paintings reached satisfying results and this leads me to share our process with both the squinting skeptics and the forever creative.

Here we go!...

Portrait in Progress: Matthias with Watercolor

This is a 5 inch square portrait created from a photograph I snapped over a year ago. 
Here is the process of the piece, including details...

Custom Digital Portrait Couple

See a little bit of the digital art creating process, all hand drawn in Illustrator...

Origami Roses, Cherry Blossoms, and Bluebells

Twas a bleak winter in Wisconsin brightened by early morning folding of floral origami... 

Shout-out to Emily for Mr. Slowpoke

"Spring has been coming slow this year", Mr. Slowpoke notes on his morning strolls. Thank you Emily for suggesting an art trade and creating Mr. Slowpoke for me!! Emily has an Etsy shop, and she is presently the very busy social media manager/art teacher at Innisfree Village

Chorizo Seitan Fast Fix

I like stuffing wraps with fun textures and new flavors. 
Recently I found Upton's Naturals.

Other flavors to try out and the recipe...