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Portrait Classes with Craftsy

Although I have been drawing faces since before I could speak, and have five years of training with master artists, and paint portraits for people all over the world, all the same, continuing education is something I seriously seek. Certainly there are my creative group of friends to gather advice. Also free information and amazing videos can always be found all over the web. Still, I go to Craftsy for the rich experience I can rely on.  

With watercolors I choose lightly textured thinner paper and mostly dry techniques...

So, it is great fun to watch another artist use absorbent papers and a very wet application. Matt Rota does just this in his Portraits in Watercolor.  While I follow my original way, observing him paint absolutely gives me tips that make my process easier. Wonderful!

This artist shares my use of oranges and blues, warms and cools...

He reminds me to be patient between thicker layers and later return to pleasant feathered edges.

Another class I take up with Susan Stillman: Acrylic Landscapes Close to Home shows me a subject matter I am less familiar with and a calming palette that has me thinking more about my tendency towards vibrant colors. 

I have this idea how I would like to paint little homes and leave a special package of the house portrait there on the step a random act of kindness. 

Colored pencils and me go way back. However in college my use for them became very slim. So, it's been a real treat to pick them up again. Noticing Radiant Portraits in Colored Pencils by Kerry Brooks go on sale, why not? 

Witnessing colored pencils grab the texture of this colored art board is a big WOW. Usually my light pencils remain long while my dark pencils need extenders. Now I have a reason to dig them out and bring them along on my travels. That's another thing, Craftsy is with me wherever I go. 

There are so many topics to choose from and I am only scratching the surface. I recommend trying something different today. I suggest movie hour and chill be supplemented with Craftsy and create. Enjoy!