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The Artist Zack Jack

This series of pencil portraits come from a collaboration with the German musician known as Zack Jack. One portrait is intended for an album cover.

With some variations of fonts and logo placement we came up with a satisfying design. Here I focus on the portrait art and process involved. A minimal rough draft look was desired. 

These four drawings are all done as 11" x 14" with varying degrees of a rough draft quality. This is a size that allows for more detail. It is essentially life-size for a single portrait. 


Going for an unfinished appearance... When do you stop? Of course, the art should look like the individual. I think this first and second layer work and yet I continue out of habit and just because I don't want to quit it. I wonder if I overworked it and I know that I could work it even more and bring the drawing closer to him, but I choose to play on some new ideas.


Breaking free from my usual way, I begin with a continuous line drawing. Strangely I feel like this abstraction shows the artist the most because of his heart face shape and more accurate forehead.


When I think of a rough draft I think of lines and measurements. In this version I reveal all the check marks and leave them even as the face starts to take form. Again, like drawing one, I sense I could take this one all the way and I have to make myself stop. Improvements needed, I move on.


The least worked of the four and the most flat has a look that I surprisingly like. Maybe because it looks so unlike my usual style, I find myself looking at the most. I see the man in all the portraits, but I also realize each portrait kind of looks like a different man. 

Really one of the toughest parts about creating art is knowing when to stop creating. I remember a painting class where the ladies on each side of me both practically yelled STOP! and then they both offered to buy the painting. They made a deal. One bought it and the other allowed her to photograph the painting. Meanwhile I know I could have painted another day or week and I sometimes wish I had two people working beside me to let me know when I'm finished. Fortunately, I often work with amazing clients that are unbelievable communicators and I consider them my guidance and my teachers. 

This project required both my Fine Artist and Graphic Design skills and that got me really excited. Times like these confirm my decision of taking both paths and now I am joyed in combining them. More and more the different parts of my life are coming together. I wish everyone that experience.

A video from the artist's previous album.