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American Painter: Andrew Wyeth

"I don't really have studios. I wander around - around people's attics, out in fields, in cellars, anyplace I find that invites me."

Those are promising words to hear for a traveling artist. In my youth, I admired the tempera painting technique of Andrew Wyeth. Naively I mixed egg and dirt and attempted to paint with it. Of course, I made only a fine mess. 

Years later, to stand before an actual painting of the artist, there is a lesson! This portrait titled "Sea Dog" from 1971 is absolutely radiant. By my calculation the artist had been painting for well over thirty years, nearly forty, when his brush brought this man to life on board. Wyeth is quoted as saying: One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes. 

I agree.

This painting was photographed at the North Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh.